Week of 6/8/20

Physical Education:  Check out our new videos!



We miss you and hope to see you soon. Feel free to reach out and share your work!  We would love to hear from you!



Art: Parents & Students,  

I am putting together a virtual MES ART SHOW from art completed in class and can't wait to show-off my student's AWESOMENESS.🎨 Besides all the outstanding creative MES art that will be in the show, I am reaching out to students asking for a short video showing one favorite artwork they have done at home and then answer any of the questions below. If YOU would like to participate, that would be TERRIFIC👍


🎬 Please email me your art video no later than Thursday, 6/11.  kimberly.audino@middleburghcsd.org


📺 I hope YOU are enjoying my art lessons and YouTube channel!



  1. What can you tell me about your picture? 

  2. How did you get the idea for this picture? 

  3. What do you like about your picture? 

  4. What title would you give this work? 

  5. If you could make this picture again, what would you do differently? Professional artists often make many versions of the same picture, trying new things, tweaking, and experimenting. Encourage yourself as an artist to do the same

ART LESSONS: Week of 6/8/20

If highlighted below watch on Mrs. A's YouTube channel!

  • #518Rainbowhunt: Challenge 10, Make Rainbow Party Fan

  • Story n' Art with Mrs. A: Story: The Sleepy Owl

  • Make Your Own Art Mini-Book

  • Interactive Art Websites: Virtual Museum Tours, FUN Games & Activities

⭐DON't FORGET to share with Mrs. A your AWESOMENESS! 🎨

Computer:  For the rest of the school year I am asking that students spend 20 minutes a week on any of the programs we use: Edgenuity (thelearningodyssey.com), Typing.com, Prodigygame.com, or Code.org. I am doing my best to track usage each week and share the reports with classroom teachers. 


I went to the school and retrieved some materials including login lists for code.org, so I would ask that you contact me to get the logins for this website and revisit it, since it has been nearly three months that we last used code.org! It can be a fun one that some students really enjoy, so I hope to hear from you.


I have attached an easy little coding graph game to help Batman capture the Joker as a refresher about how to give directions, write commands or prompts, and remind you of some of the vocabulary.


Also please know that sometime before school starts again, I will likely be changing some login accounts. As of now, everything is still under the previous Computer Instructor's login and many are outdated, or missing. It may mean some or all students would need to start certain things again from the beginning, but if we don't do it, there's no good way for me to really effectively monitor your learning and progress.  It is easiest to just rip that band aid off over the summer. Let me know if you have any questions.


Lastly, my office hours will remain the same through the end of the school year. Please email me at joel.bramer@middleburghcsd.org to receive my Zoom room password. Zoom room is: 796-169-2003

Mon. K/1st grade @ 2pm, 2nd grade @ 2:30pm

Wed. 3rd grade @ 2pm, 4th grade @ 2:30pm

Fri. 5th grade @ 2pm 6th grade @ 2:30pm 


I have enjoyed my first two months in school this year getting to know one another, and spending the last three months visiting and learning more about you on Zoom. Be strong, be safe, be smart, be brave, be kind, be wise, have fun, citizens of Gotham! ~Mr. B.


Library: Check out this new virtual library from Mrs. Williams!



Music:  Choose Your Own Music Activity

Go to http://www.storytimesongs.com/ and click on the “Music Learning Activities” tab and choose and activity. Email Ms. Gucwa or Ms. Hudson and write about what you chose and how it went.



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