Weekly Assignments



Complete PMT Chapter 13  Lesson 13.1, 13.2 


*Please see Mr. Math Blog as an optional resource 





  • Choose one article to read and answer the questions that go with them  


WRITING ASSIGNMENT - A Letter to My New Teachers 



Watch the video on how to write a friendly letter:


Write your letter. Include the five parts of a friendly letter to let your new teachers learn a little bit about you.   

The Greeting: 

Dear Fifth Grade Teachers, 

The Body: 

In the body include any information you want your new teacher to know about you.  Where do you like to sit?  What challenges you in school?  What are you an expert in? What is your favorite subject and why?  What do you like to write about?  What do you like to do outside of school? You decide what information you would like to share! 

The Signature:  

Please sign your full name (first and last name). 

When your letter is complete: 

Return this assignment to your teacher by Wednesday, June 10th through the following options: email, Class Dojo, or send a picture of your letter to your teacher.  We are hoping to have your fifth-grade teachers attend a Zoom meeting so that you can meet them and ask any questions that you may have about 5th grade. 

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