Social Studies

June 8 - June 16

These will be our final assignments for this school year. 


Watch the video-there are no questions with it: 

Brain Pop: Middle Ages.  Watch the film, take the quiz and send me your results. 

Brain Pop:  Black Death.  Watch the film, take the quiz and send me your results. 


Listen to this song parody: 


Follow this link to the play script: 


Read “Robin Hood” play.  As usual, feel free to get your family to take parts.  It is a separate attachment. There are no questions to answer. 

Follow the directions in the “Make Your Own Shield” Packet and create your own shield.  Send me a picture of it. 

Then:  choose your own project.  I am not providing any suggested presentations, so use your creativity to present something that interests you about the Middle Ages.  Topics can include but are not limited to: lords and ladies, kings, castles, the Feudal System, the Crusades, knights, King Arthur, the Black Death, Plague Doctors, Illuminated Letters, the Church, Art, Literature, Science, Exploration, Architecture, or whatever strikes your fancy.  Bedazzle me! 

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