Algebra I

with Mr. Thaxter

Welcome parents and students to Algebra I. 

The current lesson schedule for classes can be found by opening the document below.  The grayed sections are the lessons that we have completed.  The yellow sections are the assignments that have been assessed for evidence of learning.

Assignments will be given and it is expected that all students watch the lesson and fill in the lesson part of the assignment (don’t forget to pause as needed).                                                   

The homework section should then be attempted and that will be the focus of our zoom lessons.  

If you have a printer, feel free to print out the pdf lessons.  If you do not have a printer, please use loose leaf paper to take notes and copy down the problems from the video lesson. Make sure to stay organized by labeling the Lesson number and the question numbers that you are working on.


In our Zoom classes, I will be reviewing the lesson and the homework questions as needed.  If you are unable to attend the zoom session for your class, please let me know and we can "meet" at an additional time if you need.

Extra help is always available, just ask and set up a time.


My email is if you have any further questions. 

Hope to see and hear from you soon, 

Mr. Thaxter 

Unit 7 Les 3 HW#6
Unit 7 Les 4 HW#3

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