We have one full topic and one quarter topic left to cover. Since my students are amazing, we have maintained a good pace all year and do have some “wiggle room” built into our schedule.

I am going to include the topics and standards that we have not covered thus far. (Standards can be found in the table of contents of the Prentice Hall Book as well as in the Chemistry core curriculum for New York State) This is the last of the new material for the year. I will use the Prentice Hall Review book as our main resource since it does not depend on any outside source of power or the internet.


Chemistry 6/120-6/5/20

Review of Regents topics

Castle learning


Study of organic reactions continues from the review book

Focus on polymerization and esterification

Chemistry 5/18/20-5/22/20

Organic chemical reactions

Page 206-208 Review book

Chemistry 5/4-5/8

This week will be all review of previous topics in order to allow students to focus more energy on upcoming AP Exams.

Review will consist of Regents questions from previously covered material and will all be done during class time. NO EXTRA HOMEWORK THIS WEEK !

Chemistry 4/27-5/1

I can recognize, draw and name organic molecules with functional groups from reference table R

I can draw and name isomers of organic molecules from reference table R

Review book pages 200-206

Castle Learning “Organic R”

Chemistry 4/20-4/24

Define, identify, and draw organic molecules with specific functional groups

Organic functional groups pgs. 201-204 in Review Book

Question 34-48 and Castle Learning TBA

Chemistry 5/11/20-5/15/20

No new material this week. (Many students should be preparing for AP exams in other subjects)  In class problem solving of previously covered material. Problems will be provided via email and/or presented in class.

Chemistry 4/13-4/17

Read 194-200 in Review book, Topic 11 Organic chemistry

Do questions 1-18 on Pg.  197-198

Do questions 19-33 on Pg. 200-201


Topic 9 Oxidation and reduction chemistry

Prentice Hall pages 163-172 (Standards see pages 48-49 in chemistry core curriculum)

(1-2 weeks, estimated but not guaranteed)

Half reactions.  We have started this already

Electrochemical cells


Topic 11 Organic chemistry

Prentice Hall 194-214 (Standards see pages 47-48 in chemistry core curriculum)

 (2-3 weeks, estimated but not guaranteed)

Bonding of carbon atoms


Naming organic compounds

Functional groups

Organic reactions

Chemistry Overarching targets (Electrochemical cells)

Understand and explain the parts and operation of a voltaic cell (2-3) days

Understand and explain parts and operation of an electrolytic cell (2-3) days

Compare and contrast the two types of cells (2-3) days

Resources: Castle learning and Review book

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