Earth Science

Dear Students and Parents,                                                                                                         Week of 5/20/20


Good morning!


Astronomy begins this week.  All Castle learning assignments will be locked by 5/29/20


Here is the work for May 20 – May 29.

  • Watch the Big Bang video.


The video is 13 minutes long.


  • Watch the Measuring Stars video.


This video is 12 minutes long. 


  • Watch the Evolution of Stars video.


This video is 15 minutes long. 



  • Complete the Castle Learning assignment – Stars.


Estimated time on task for the assignment is approximately 25 minutes.


  • Complete the Castle Learning review assignments – Climate Review and Plate Tectonic Review


Estimated time on task for each assignment is approximately 20 minutes.






I will continue to check my email several times a day between 8 am and 3 pm, and at least once in the evening.  I will do my very best to reply ASAP (usually in less than 24 hours).  If anything happens on my end that might hamper my availability, I’ll send an email giving you a heads up.  Communication will be key to student success during this time.

PLEASE reach out if you are struggling and need help with your work, or just need some encouragement. 

All Videos are located below

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