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Chicken and the Egg article

Task: Follow the same directions as the advertisement assignment but were adding "Entrepreneur" concept. 

* I would go back and look at the blog of the 4 factors or production just to make sure you completely understand the difference between someone who starts a business and/or makes a product vs. Entrepreneur


Due date: Post to Canvas by Thursday (4/9)



Land -

Labor -

Capital -

Entrepreneur -

Human Capital reading

--> This is a college level Economics book called Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan

--> You will be reading Chapter 6 from the link below


* I think this is the most important reading we do in this class and the points the author makes are even more meaningful RIGHT NOW.

Reading due date: Next Wednesday (4/15)

--> BEFORE next Wednesday I will have a discussion task for you to do on Canvas.  At the due date, we will use Canvas again to discuss more in depth the concept of "Human Capital" and the points the author is trying to make.

* Using the link:

- Scroll down a few pages until you see the Table of Contents

- Click on Chapter 6 --> "Productivity and Human Capital - Why is Bill Gates so much richer......."

April 1 - April 8 

 Task for the next couple of days 

4 Factors of production 

1) Listen to the podcast or read the information  

- Listen specifically for why $ in Economics is not "capital", even though that's what we think of when we hear the word 

2) If you have your notebooks: Add the info. below to the back of their notebook (econ concepts section)  

--> Sent via FB 


4 Factors of Production  

* Land 

* Labor  

* Capital 

* Entrepreneur --> Human Capital 


*** Starting next week, we will look specifically at the Entrepreneur factor and something specific that goes along with that called "Human Capital" 

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