Ancient Coins

Global History II

Good Afternoon World History 2 Students and Parents,


Welcome back to school tomorrow, I look forward to being your teacher this year. My Zoom account is 550-693-0992. My password is 843904. 

My email is to send assignments and/or questions. I know that Covid 19 has changed all of our lives and that this school year will present many interesting challenges to all of us.  We can tackle problems as they arise and do our best with what we can control. For things we can not control we will need a sense of humor, patience, determination and we will make the best of what we can.  I am not saying that this is going to be easy, I know that we can change the way we learn and teach.  We can do this.  Let me know what you need, what problems you encounter and how I can help you succeed. Lets start one day at a time and try to develop a new routine for learning. Enjoy your last day of summer vacation, see you tomorrow.......  Mr. Laraway