Mr. Meyer

Greeting instrumentalists,


 For these next two weeks we will continue as follows:    Practice your instrument.  Log the amount of practice time and report data to me at our classes. You may do/practice the following:  Develop your own warm-up drill - Continue scales - Play out of your lesson book - Play your band music - Play your band music - Play your NYSSMA solo Follow your favorite musicians and see if they are giving live concerts on YouTube. Report back to us your findings and report back to us during our class time.       


Doing all the above will enable to keep your embouchure stable and in shape.  Perhaps you may want to leave your instrument out. This will make it more accessible and attainable for you to practice. Remember the old adage that we want don’t want to happen:  “out of sight out of mind”


 See you all Tuesday.


 Mr. Meyer

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