We have one half of a topic left to cover. Since I am blessed with teaching such an amazing physics class, we have plenty of time to finish and to review for the Regents. I really mean this; I have never taught a better group than this in 26 or so years at MCS

I am going to include the topics and standards that we have not covered thus far.


(Standards can be found in the table of contents of the Prentice Hall Book as well as in the Physics core curriculum for New York State, Pg. 30) This is the last of the new material for the year.


I will use the Prentice Hall Review book as our main resource since it does not depend on any outside source of power or the internet.

Physics 6/8/20-6/17/20

Freshman physics topics and Castle make-up

Physics 6/1/20-6/5/20

Advanced topics in physics

Torque and rotational motion

Physics (5/26/20)-(5/29/20).

Continue the study of contemporary physics topics which will include but not be limited to.

 The “Higgs spectroscopy” and its role in superconducting

Physics 5/4-5/8

This is Rube Goldberg device week

Students are working on creating a device that will produce the word PHYSICS either visually or audibly at the culmination. Machine rules and rubric has been sent to each individual student.

Physics 5/18/20-5/22/20

Current physics topics: including but not limited to:

Advances in superconductors and how the advances relate to energy production.

Source: Physics News


Physics 4/17 - 4/23

Define, and explain how magnetism is created including the theory of domains

Define and explain electromagnetic induction

Review book pgs. 133-136

Questions 100-112

Castle Learning TBA

Physics 4/27-5/1

Review of topic 4 Electricity and magnetism

Review book pages 113-146

End of chapter questions

1-31 in review book

Castle TBA

Physics  5/11/20-5/15/20

Each class will begin with Rube Goldberg discussion, however the main focus for the week will be on topics common to physics and AP environmental. We will discuss energy production, nuclear power and thermodynamics. All work will be done in class


Physics 4/13-4/17

Read 127-129 in Review book

Choose any 40 question from 49-99 on pages




Electric circuits (125-133 review book)

Electromagnetism (133-134 review book)

Electromagnetic induction (135-146 review book)

Physics Overarching Targets electric circuit operation and analysis

Understand and explain the behavior of current, resistance and voltage in parallel circuits (3-4) days

Compare and contrast series and parallel circuits (3-4) days

Resources: Castle learning and Review book


Students will receive specific learning targets and target practice they will be emailed each cycle starting day A

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