with Mr.Truesdell

Welcome parents and students to PRE CALC.  Here you will find some of our lessons recorded for you to watch through

I will teach the class as I normally would.  The students are to take notes as they normally would.  The homework should then be attempted when it is given, if homework is not given the students are expected to continue with SAT and ACT prep through Khan Academy.  

If you have a printer, feel free to print out the lessons that are printable.  If you do not have a printer, please use loose leaf paper to take notes and copy down the problems from the video lesson (good prep for college note taking!).  


It is important to note that I will be doing my best to teach a tough subject under less than ideal circumstances.  This will require a mature approach from the class and will have much more of a college format.   

I will also announce open “office hours” throughout the week for extra help over Zoom as needed. 

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