Basic Skills (BS) classes with Mrs. Rehberg

Period 1 BS English Language Arts (ELA): We will write through email each day. Email Mrs. Rehberg your daily “journaling” which can be chosen from the list of prompts handed out before we left school OR email me your thoughts (ie. What is going on in your “at home” life now?). Write at least 2 sentences to me, and I will write back to each of you daily!


Period 3 BS Math: We will use the Kahn Academy website for our lessons at, class code W7ATHWWX. You will have about 15 minutes of video lessons/work/quizzes each day. I will see your progress, just like we did with progress monitoring for reading.


Period 8 BS Reading: We will use the Readworks website, but we’ll try a new feature called “Article of the Day.” READ IT TWICE, following along the words with your eyes while the audio reads it aloud. This helps improve your reading skills! Then, you’ll write a few sentences in your Book of Knowledge, and we’ll talk about the articles on our Zoom meetings*.


*Zoom meetings: All students will download the app for Zoom. We will meet over video every other day to check in and talk about our lessons. I look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Call me if you need help at 518-231-5473. I am happy to help!!

I will also help with your questions about Social Studies and/or Science.

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