Mr. Jones

Using your Sociology project: 

Overall goal - Share important parts of your project/culture AND discuss your classmates researched cultures in Canvas 


Task 1: Due Monday 

* Look over your culture project and complete the following in Canvas - I will make a format to follow in Canvas discussion labelled "Culture project - summary/discussion"  


1) Identify 5 different areas of your culture you found most interesting/important/didn't expect. 

- Write your 5 different things in bulleted format 


2) What media source(s) were you going to use in your presentation - link or add those to Canvas for people to view 


3) Explain and/or describe 3 things about your culture that make it different than how we identified "American" culture.  What makes Germany (for example) unique and different from what we see around us and identify as "American". 

- Format this in bulleted format as well - easier for people to read 


4) Geert/Hofstede --> If possible drop the picture of the Geert/Hofestede graph comparing your culture and the U.S. If you were unable to screenshot that for your presentation and/or can't drop it into Canvas....... Give a brief summary of the main differences/numbers between your researched culture and the U.S. 

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