with Mr. Pacatte

Welcome parents and students to Statistics.  We have been reviewing the chapter on Hypothesis testing, left tail <, right tail >, and two tailed not = to.  We learned how to find the critical scores using the level of significance.  From there I have been hypothesis testing all three different ways, 1. Traditional, 2.  P-value and 3. Confidence level (remembering this must be treated as two tailed) 


We had completed the proportion hypothesis and were just beginning the Z test for the mean when the population standard deviation is known.  We will continue on to the T test for the mean when only the sample deviation is known.  Instead of Invnorm we have to use Inv T or use the chart from our reference table.  Then we will finish up with the Chi squared for the standard deviation.  Last chapter helped to determine which test is used and this chapter continues, but compares to draw a conclusion based on the data.  Reject the null or fail to reject the null.   


This will progress fairly slowly until we firmly grasp the topic. 


Thank you and we will be starting a schedule April 1st, but I will explain that later. 


I had to fill out an information sheet and submit to SUNY Cobleskill, keeping them apprised on how we were going to finish the year as Their students are going through the same situation. 


Stay safe;  


Mr. Pacatte 

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