US History

Week 13-14 plan SS8 & USH – J Narzymski 6/8/2020


Dear Students and parents:

Last week we began sharing our draft Final Projects. Many students are on track to finalize their work and share out. At this point students should have a topic/definition, at least 3 “documents” as evidence, and a source page – for a total of 5 slides. Attached is my updated Pandemics slideshow if you want to look at a sample. It is a work in progress.

During these last few classes together I will ask two things of students: present their slideshow without reading word for word and/or evaluate classmates who share using the Enduring Issues rubric. We are working on the following skills: Identify and Define; Argument; and Evidence-Documents. Here is the Enduring Issues rubric:

As a reminder, my Personal Meeting ID is 648-312-5529 and the password to join my meeting is 144641111.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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